Beautiful Whidbey.

I had a chance finally to run around and take a few photos and videos of Whidbey Island.







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  1. The Island was home for eleven years. It is where the Missus and I got married. My kids still think of it as “home” even after leaving in 93 when I retired.
    Did it in two separate periods. Jan 1979 to Jun 1985 and Mar 1989 to Aug 1993. Still miss it.

  2. At least our weather sort of worked for you…it’s the best we can do at this time of the year. You should try the islands on a bike; it’s pretty amazing

  3. I had a bike here when I was growing up. I liked it much better with a car.

    Are you from around Whidbey, Sisu? I’m here for a few more days.

  4. Those shots make me homesick for the rock. Lot of good times shooting the whirlpools in the Pass on the Whidby.

  5. Jay, I was thinking the same thing about the old boat. Good times.

    And Glenn, I was especially thinking of you as I took pics of the VA-145 bird at the gate.

  6. You know Art, I met my wife on that old scout boat. Between it and the the Navy, I learned a good trade and way of life. Only occasionally do I wish I’d listened to the Master Chief and never dropped out of college. LOL…

  7. You met your wife on the Whidby?

    I visited Skipper Sherman the other day. Your name came up once or twice. Some good. Some… well, uh. (then again, I hate to think of what he thinks of me!)

    For the life of me, I can’t remember Becky’s maiden name.

    And aren’t I the one who recruited you into scouts? What thanks did I get? Did you name your first born after me?

    1. Yes, you did recruit me into scouts, come to think of it. I didn’t name my firstborn after you because Becky would never have let me name our kid “Dumba**”. After all, she already has me to call by that name. I haven’t seen Sherman in about 8 yrs. Probably should do so next time I’m over that way. And true, there were some things he and I never saw eye to eye on. O.K., O.K., there were a lot of things. But hey, I turned out alright. Sort of.
      Becky’s maiden name was West.
      I just came across a pic the not too long ago of you, me, B+12, Tim Hough, Esli Pitts and I think Terry Rosenbaum back in the day. I’ll have to scan it and send it to you.

  8. Please do send the pic. I talked with Esli a while ago, and Kevin maybe a year and a half ago. Haven’t heard from Tim in over 20 years, and who knows what happened to Terry…

    1. No, I haven’t heard from Tim or Terry either. Last I heard about Tim he was stationed in Hawaii, so 1986 maybe? Surprised I can remember back that far…
      Dad is still on Whidbey, off of Gun Club Rd. out towards the base. Capt. Miles is still alive, Dad runs into him at the Exchange every so often. Chief Barrett passed several years back.
      Ron Yount. Wow. Yeah, we were pretty rough on him. Remember what we did to his car?

  9. I looked up Tim while we were both stationed in HI in 86 or 87. Met up with him once or twice. Actually saw Terry there as well. Haven’t heard from either, since. Haven’t heard from Tina Adams since 92 or 93 I think. I’ll have to ask Faith about her.

    I saw Capt. Bob back in the 90s, but didn’t even think to look him up this time.

    I am not sure what you’re referring to about Ron’s car. I remember doing all kinds of mean stuff to him. I’m sure it wasn’t something I’d brag to mom about.

    1. No, it was not something to brag to mom about.
      I didn’t know Terry had been in HI. Or you, for that matter. I wasn’t at Pearl until 88-89, I’m guessing you all were elsewhere by then.

  10. I was in WSU in 88 and early 89. Reenlisted and went to Germany in 89-91.

    Terry just hopped over to HI Space A to visit.

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