NAS Whidbey

I’m visiting friends just outside the gate of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WA. It’s pretty cool being just along the eastern approach of the station, watching the jets shoot approaches.

NAS Whidbey is the home to the Navy’s EA-6B Prowler  squadrons, which are transitioning to the EA-18 Growler. Whidbey is also home to the West Coast squadrons of the P-3 Orion.

EA-6B Prowler
EA-18 Growler
P-3C Orion

I grew up around here, so I’m fairly used to seeing  jets in the pattern, but I’d certainly forgotten just how much louder the turbojets are compared to civilian high-bypass turbofans.

5 thoughts on “NAS Whidbey”

  1. those are some really great pics. I love that shot of the P-3C Orion. (always thought those were pretty cool. Also, I love the Growler and its concept. Sure hope the navy gets its it right and gets it’s money’s worth with that one. They cant any more cost overruns and underperforming “experimental” planes. Cool post though.

  2. Glenn, I was thinking about you when I got here. The “gate guards” at Ault Field Road are new to me. One of them is a VA-145 bird. It’s a pretty striking display. I hope to get a pic in the next day or two.

    NAS Whidbey used to be the best kept secret in the Navy.

    1. Hahahahha. That’s funny.

      Did Hugo notice there had to be at least TWO planes that intruded? Since, there was a camera platform involved.

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