5 thoughts on “M16”

  1. I have a soft spot in my heart for the M-14 but I never felt less armed with the M-16 The facts are you can hit your target easier with the M-16 and it’s the hits that actually count.

  2. yeah, the friends of mine that are in the navy swear by the mighty ole’ M-14. they all do! so that says something. Also I’ve seen numerous shows on mil channel and other things Iv’e read saying pretty much almost the exact same praises of it as the others

  3. I’M an M-14 person. I qualified with the M-1 when I first entered the service and was issued the M-14 a couple of years later. I prefered the M-14 to the M-1 exept when we had rifle inspection. I found the “14” bolt latch (on the port side) operation a bit combersome. With the M-1 all I had to do was wrap my left thump around the operating rod handle and shove it back. The follower spring then pushed the follower up and engaged the bolt. One easy movement.

    I never got involved with the M-16 (sadly) but I enjoyed the old training film. I sat through more of them than I care to remember.

    The only thing I didn’t like about the video was the people referring to the “16” as a “gun”. referring to any sholder weapon as a “gun” was a big NO-NO resulting in being beatin around the head and sholders!

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