Quick question…

Are any of you having issues with the flash based slideshows? It doesn’t show properly on my computer, but I’ve not heard any complaints from readers.  Lemme know, will ya?

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  1. Ubuntu 9.04 with Firefox 3.0.19, both up-to-date, on a netbook do. Safari on Mac 10.5, also updated, doesn’t (MiniMac). Want me to check on a desktop with Ubuntu 9.10?

  2. Last night, I had the same problem as Bill. The Reba photos were blocked by two of the Jessica Simpson photos just sitting on top of the Reba post. Windows XP here.

  3. Running Snow Leopard Mac OS X 10.6.3 on an early 2009 iMac, with a Flash plug in.

    My suggestion would be to go back to the galleries, “First Rule of Engineering- If ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It.” My Dad always told us, “The fancier you make something means there is more that can wrong with it.” He was no fool, in fact, he was in the top 1% of the IQ’s, a genius with a dry sense of humor. Hey, Good Luck!

  4. Yeah, well, why didn’t any of you chowderheads say anything sooner?

    OK, I kilt the slideshows. It’s an easy fix. Galleries in place.

    *I personally prefer the galleries, but early comments on the slideshow were positive.

  5. Grumpy, one of the reasons I went with the slideshow is that some people don’t realize you can get the full size pic by clicking on the thumbnail, then clicking again on the pic page.

    1. Brad, I have no expectation of you ‘custom designing’ your site just for me.’ Sometimes on issues like this, it one image out of a group. You may have a corrupted image file and either way gets you the same result. Confused? Good, I’m not the only one.

  6. yeah, i’m a chowderhead. i just assumed it was me and mine that was getting wonked up…

    i first noticed it on the Jessica Simpson post.

  7. The first slide show wasn’t a problem. The next was. I have no idea. I’m using the latest version of Firefox on the machine I normally use.

    I prefer the galleries anyway.

  8. I didn’t speak up earlier because I thought it was because I was using that system that starts with a V.

  9. ^ with that being said, Pics of hot women are pics of hot women. Don’t matter if i have to click on em or if they flash in front of me.

  10. I think there is a corrupted image file. I may take some time tomorrow and try to find it. If that fixes the problem, I may switch back to slideshows. Or not. It depends how I feel at the moment, and just how much effort I’m willing to put into it.

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