Sky Warrior

Strategy Page has an interesting blurb on the Army’s version of the Predator, known as the MQ-1C Sky Warrior. They also discuss the tension between the Army and the Air Force about operating armed drones, and what is the best means of providing support to the ground forces.

The air force is not happy about the army having a large force of armed UAVs. Many air force generals believe the army should not have the MQ-1C, or at least not use them with weapons. That has already caused some spats in the Pentagon over the issue, but a recent purge and reshuffle of the senior air force leadership, by the Secretary of Defense, makes it appear that the army will be left alone to build its new robotic air force. At least for the moment.

I have to say, I’m going to side with  the Army on this one.

5 thoughts on “Sky Warrior”

  1. Yes, The Army needs to be the ones operating and in command of tactical fixed wing and rotary aircraft designed to support ground forces.
    Giving the Army the A-10 would be my first step.
    Giving the Army some type of AC gunship would be my second. Setting up the procurement for enabling Army ground attack based on the F-35 as their own aircraft would come third.
    If the Army can operate ships and boats as the Navy does then so too should the Army operate ground attack close air support aircraft.

  2. I don’t really think the Army needs to be in the fast mover business. Not even the A-10 business. Certainly not in the F-35 business.

    But when we talk about how the two services operate UAVs, the Air Force doesn’t understand WHY the Army is committed to having heavy UAVs organic to each brigade.

  3. I agree the A-10 might be a bit much LOL But my heart was in the right place! UAV’s though, the Army should have, and strike capable UAV’s for sure.

  4. I still say the time of the indenpendent air force is over. No one questions the need for air power anymore. The USAF is clinging desperately to old modes of thinking. Look what it took to get them on the same page as the rest of the military in Afghanistan.

  5. I have to concur with Bill. I’d very much like to see the AF tactical assets turned over to the Army and the AAF rebuilt, in the same manner that Marines have dedicated air support.

    Leave the Strategic Air assets to the AF if needs be, but even then, I can also make the argument for giving them to the Navy & Army and developing a Unified Space Command or Strategic Rocket Forces Command.

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