Brothers at War

Of all the Marines we know who have left the service, joined the seminary, strive to become Army chaplains, endured devastating motorcycle accidents, Dave Harvey is our favorite.

We missed this when he posted it Sunday, but Dave saw a screening in Oceanside of a documentary we’ve been hearing rumbles about, namely Brothers at War.¬† We haven’t seen the film yet, but the synopsis looks interesting.

After seeing many films produced by Hollywood that portray the American serviceman as either  mindless killbots, or a dupe or patsy of evil politicians, it is refreshing to see a film that just tries to show them as they are.

4 thoughts on “Brothers at War”

  1. Saw “Brothers At War” a few months back. Highly recommended. The guy who made it has two brothers that were both deployed during the making of the film. I can’t imagine anyone (especially service-members) not liking it. Definitely worth a watch.

  2. It looks like Dave has made a course change, and will ministering to Marines.

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