“All my peers have gotten out”

Ya think? I guess that’s what happens when you stay in the Army for 43 years!

When Chief Warrant Officer Herb Dargue joined the Army as a helicopter pilot, the Beatles’ “Penny Lane” topped the charts, the UH-1C Huey was the hottest “chopper” flying, and actor William Shatner was “Star Trek’s” Captain Kirk on prime time TV.

3 thoughts on ““All my peers have gotten out””

  1. REminds me of Mike Novosel who won the CMH in ‘nam. Started as an AAF instructor, then flew B-29s, and again in Korea. The Af turned him down in 1964 (he was a Reserve LTC at the time),so he went into Army Aviation, then retired, finally, in 1986, I think. Certainly all his peers were out, and a good many were dead when he retired.

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