Mechanized Leaders Course at Ft Benning

You get another video, because I can’t really think of anything interesting to post about today.

A couple interesting notes- you get to see troops disassembling the M242 25mm gun, and if you look closely, you’ll get some idea of why they call it a chain gun.

You’ll also see them trying to put the thing back into the turret of an M2A2.  When I went to Ft. Benning for the Master Gunner’s course, the second thing you have to do is pass a Gunnery Skills Test. Now, one of the tests is to put in and take out the M240C coaxially mounted machine gun. No problem, thought I. Well, small problem. All my experience was on the M2A1. I’d never even been in the turret of an M2A2. And the mount for the coax on an M2A2 is completely different. Before I even got on the vehicle, I looked at the test proctor and said, “Sergeant, Can’t I test on the other vehicle? I’ve never even seen the mount on one of these!”

“Why, Sergeant, we’re gonna give you two whole minutes to figure it out!”

Two minutes being the time allotted for the whole task…

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  1. So how did the test go? I’m guessing you did OK.

    I was a bit surprised to hear the Armor center is leaving Knox and moving to Benning. I’m not sure that’s a good move as Benning is crowded enough as it is.

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