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This week’s Load HEAT is actually a guest post. Reader and commenter GaigeM asked what I thought of Alessandra Torresani. I said I’d never heard of her, send me a dozen pics, and a youtube.  See how easy that is?

Alessandra looks like she’s about 12, but she’s 22, and is in a pivotal role in the new SyFy series Caprica.


7 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

  1. Since you mentioned it, yea, we do care. You should post the links more often at the HQ.



  2. Man, she DOES look like a 12 year old. A friend of mine is a Caprica watcher, and seems to enjoy it. I have never seen it I did read last week, that there is going to be a Battlestar Galactica movie coming out in 2012, that will set in the original series format.

  3. I watched about half the pilot. Too much soap, not enough space. But that’s just me. And I’ve got terrible taste in TV.

  4. I saw it in the “what’s on” section the other night and got about 15 minutes into the show before I switched it off. I’m waiting for Warehouse 13’s 2nd season. I liked that show, especially with the steampunk bits here and there.

  5. Brad,

    It’s picked up. It’s science fiction aspects lean strongly towards the cyberpunk rather than space opera. V-World is featured strongly, but it’s the off-label/hacked applications like New Cap City, which is a sort of Matrix/Grand Theft Auto style game. Tamara Adama’s avatar is stuck inside it, and her father Joseph is trying to find her.

    Zoe’s avatar is currently stuck in a prototype Centurion body and has to conceal her presence from her father while also trying to get out of the lab, so Lacy can get the both of them to Geminon for some reason that is still to be revealed.

    Like I said, it’s picking up. It’s not meant to be action-laden like BSG was. It bills itself as a family drama set in a science fiction context. And it’s quite moving in that context, in my opinion.

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