5 thoughts on “Our New Motto”

  1. I fear that the days in which the political system will avail us are rapidly coming to an end.

  2. I have to disagree with Gaige. However, I fear that now its an “entitlement” it goes on the third rail.

    How the frak are we going to pay for this mess? Argh.

  3. @Bill

    We can’t. Not for long. We can’t pay for existing entitlements, let alone this Trillion dollar boondoggle. The legislation’s goal, amongst other parts of their agenda, is to destroy private healthcare in this country. Think about what happens when the private insurance industry goes under because they’re forced to insure every swinging dick that comes to their door. The Progressive traitors and tools in this country will look at the “necessity” that THEY created and all healthcare will be government run.

    It’s all about control and power.

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