Engineering Bleg

Any Combat Engineers out there? I received an email from a high school student that has a homework project to complete and would like to ask some questions.

I know this is something of a challenge, since most engineers are just frustrated infantry wannabes and really struggle with reading…  But any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I was a Civil Design Technician for 30 years, until I was laid off. Subdivisions, Roads, Shopping Centers and water, Fire, Sewer, and Storm water, for all.

    Not in combat. Sorry.

  2. My Dad, who was a Co. Commander in the Inf in WWII had nothing but the greatest respect for the Combat Engineers.Imagine trying to construct/rebuild a river crossing under heavy fire while in pretty much totally exposed positions. Not for the faint of heart..

  3. I’m a professional Engineer and Surveyor. Not in Combat, unless you consider dealing with Politicians “Combat” (and I wouldn’t fault anyone that did).

    Combat Engineers have to do some of the dirtiest and deadly dangerous stuff you have to do in combat, and often can’t do it under cover. As VX says, not for the feint of heart.

    My observation, however, is that it will Infantrymen that will have trouble reading, rather than vice versa. A friend who was in the Marines during ‘nam found himself as Company Clerk because no else in his rank cohort could read.

    Oh, I’m sorry Brad, it slipped my mind that you were Army.

  4. Most grunts get along well enough with the Combat Engineers. And remember, the Combat Engineers are the ONLY non-infantry folks that have a secondary duty to fight as infantry.

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