Silent Running

I’ve lost my regular internet access. That means, of course, that posting will be lighter than usual. My apologies to all my wonderful readers. I’ll try to get something up soon.

Suggestions for the next Load HEAT, which I’ll put up as soon as I can, are welcome.

11 thoughts on “Silent Running”

  1. Emma Anzai. Bassist for the great Australian rock band Sick Puppies.

    Saw them in concert a couple years ago (they opened for Evanescence) and she was… damn. Hard to describe. Athletic-sexy, I guess. She brings an energy on stage that just makes you think dirty thoughts.

  2. Gaige, Emma’s cute enough, and goodness knows we like female bass players, but I just can’t find enough pics to justify it.

    If you can find a dozen PG-13 pics, email them to me and we’ll put her up some time.

  3. Plus, isn’t this a Moron-blog? Wouldn’t it be against the rules to actually read it? 😛

  4. Cote de Pablo, of NCIS? She just has this…thing in her eyes that makes me a little nuts 😉

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