9 thoughts on “Boom! Baby!”

  1. Reminds me of a friend talking about being in the Army: “I get to drive trucks, shoot guns, and blow stuff up. And they pay me. It’s the best job in the world.” These boys seem to think so!

  2. I can see the email from the GOFO in charge of global warming measures prevention:

    “Soldier boys playing with live ordnance! Blowing up valuable petrochemicals! Flame! Smoke! CARBON DIOXIDE!”


  3. Byron, in many ways, the Army is a far more relaxed environment than the Navy.

    The day to day stuff, the Army is more strict (I just about crapped myself the first time I saw a Second Class refer to her Senior Chief as “Bob”), but as much stupid stuff as the Army does (and it does a lot) they also generally let you have a little fun.

  4. Must have been something going on there. As many times as I’ve been around sailors and Chiefs, I’ve NEVER heard a sailor call the Chief anything but “Chief”…and if it’s a Senior or Master, better add that too 🙂

  5. Tim, I hated being a grenadier. The extra weight of the ammo didn’t bother me much (and if it hadn’t been grenades, I’d have been carrying something else, like SAW or 7.62mm ammo).

    I just really hated the effect the M203 had on the balance of the rifle. You spend a heck of a lot more time carrying a weapon than shooting it.

    I managed to score expert on the range with it, but the truth was, I was never a very good grenadier. I knew a lot of guys that just had a natural talent for it. Many from Tennessee or Kentucky or Arkansas.

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