2 thoughts on “I may have to revisit some of my opinions…”

  1. One thing McPeak and almost everyone else leave out when discussing this subject is the fact that, while societal views may have “evolved” on this issue, EVERYONE in ALL polls done on this subject speaks from the experience of an open, civilian society–not a closed, authoritarian, highly regimented one such as the armed services. Totally unmentioned, therefore, are problems associated with enforcing “fairness” etc., promotion “quotas” as openly homosexual types agitate for their “fair share” etc., benefits, trans-sexuals, bi-sexuals, etc., and housing and benefits, let alone hygine issues(do trannys get to pick which bathroom they use? (This is ALREADY a bone (unconscious pun intended?) of contention in the nation’s High Schools.) And make no mistake, a sub-rosa quota system of “affirmative action” for homosexuals WILL develop as commanders seek to avoid lawsuits and the courts. Plus heavy pressure from a Senior level command structure already drenched in the PC “diversity” ethos will be only too willing to apply the pressure both formally and informally to show a Congress in control of the left and the Civil Rights/ACLU “community” that they are “progressive” good guys on this issue.

  2. Yeah, Verily, VX! You would think McPeak would have thought to make such a point. perhaps he’s been retired far too long.

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