Guns A-Go-Go

Scott in the comments in the DAP post said the DAP was a big bird.

It’s not. The biggest gunship I’ve heard of is the gunship conversion of 4 CH-47A’s to Armed/Armored escorts for troop lift helos.


Of course, the CH-47 still serves in our Army, and in the armies and air forces of several allies. Most are general purpose cargo/troop haulers.  But the Special Operations Aviation Regiment also operates a version optimized for inserting and extracting special operation troops behind enemy lines.


6 thoughts on “Guns A-Go-Go”

  1. Dick, school buses usually had a smoother ride.

    Scott, no Bofors. Two 20mm Oerlikon cannon, two rocket pods, up to 5 .50cal guns, and the thing on the nose is a 40mm grenade launcher.

  2. The grenade launcher must have been what put 40mm into my mind, and then a short step to Bofors.

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