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I’m currently reading Harold Coyle’s Cat and Mouse. In it, the company commander dozes for a few minutes while being lifted by a Blackhawk. I’m curious mainly in that, in maybe a couple dozen lifts by chopper, not once did the aviators put us down in the LZ we expected. I’ve been dropped as much as 5km away from what we expected.  Just figuring out where the heck we were was a major hassle, much less figuring out how to carry out our mission. As a result, pretty much every lift I was on, I spent a heck of a lot of the flight trying to keep track of where we were. Never really had time to sleep.

Have any of you ever been dropped off in the right place? The wrong place?

The Air Force? Always got us to the right airport.

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  1. My experience was with Marines flying the helicopter. I don’t recall us ever not making a planned LZ, but I only did that a few times then went to a boat company.
    Getting trucked there with Marine Motor T guys was a different experience and when the Air Force flew us to Korea they just pushed us out the door on a runway and didn’t bother telling us where we were.

  2. In the turret leading a Cav troop around the tank trails at Hohenfels after several days w/o sleep…woke up with no idea how long I had been out….after some good panic and frenzied map reading, figured out I hadn’t missed my turn….

  3. B Wells, one time in Hohenfels, my driver fell asleep. Neither the BC nor I noticed, since we were both asleep. Dunno how far we drove that way…

  4. Jenn, I suspect a part of the cause for not landing at the agreed upon LZ’s was that once the helo guys got there, they decided, for one reason or another, they didn’t like the LZ and just chose the next closest.

    Or they couldn’t read a fuckin’ map.

  5. Most insertions were on the money, but we missed a few. Caught a few and corrected them in flight, as well. Bottom line is that the ranking man on that flight is responsible for nav and if he doesn’t have his nose in his map and coms w/ the pilot then he’s screwing his people when they have to hump it to make up for his screw up.

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