Is it just me…

Or are the interwebs dead this week?

I can’t find anything I wanna blog about.

DADT? Others covered it, and did better than I could. Frankly, I just can’t get excited about it either pro or con.

Women on subs? I’m against it, but this isn’t Obama’s fault. The Navy is coming up with this stupidity all on its own.

Am I missing anything?

13 thoughts on “Is it just me…”

  1. James, I was quite surprised the Marines went with a 30mm for the EFV rather than a 40mm. The trend has been for IFVs to pack on more armor, so I don’t know just how viable the 30mm will be in 25 years.

  2. I think part of it is Obama fatigue. I’m so tired of hearing his latest harebrained idea to salvage victory from defeat (or possibly the other way around) I can’t bring myself to write anything about possible supreme court noms or the renewed healthcare fiasco.

    Then again, it could just be that its the Olympics peace observed.

  3. Yeah, even tho NBCs coverage is sucktacular, there’s not a damn thing else on in primetime.

    I try not to be an explicitly political blog. Lefties are welcome here. But yeah, there’s a lot of fatigue. Seems like every 5 minutes, I see Obama doing some PSA.

  4. @GaigeM No, sadly it’s not just you. They seem to be their own worst enemy. it is very frustrating to say the least

    @xbradtc I’m not sure how viable the 30mm would even be now, let alone in 25 years. 40mm seems (to me) to be the way to go.

  5. It’s so quiet, Sal hasn’t posted anything today. His DADT thread may soon do something I would not have thought possible, and go over 200 comments with any mention of the LCS.

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