Uniformly Smart

For once, it looks like the Army is going to do something smart in the uniform department.  The current Army uniform is the ACU or Army Combat Uniform.

But for years, soldier’s deploying to Afghanistan have complained that the ACU, with its green/grey pattern was not a good fit for the terrain in Afghanistan. Finally, after a 4 month test program, the Army has decided to equip troops going to Afghanistan with a pattern better suited to the environment.

Soldiers deploying to Afghanistan this summer will receive fire resistant Army combat uniforms in MultiCam, along with associated equipment including body armor, rucksacks, and helmet covers.

A quick glance at this photo shows this is a very effective pattern for the terrain.

H/T: CDR Salamander, who, for reasons of his own, has a deep interest in which uniforms are used.

3 thoughts on “Uniformly Smart”

  1. Speaking of uniforms. Is it just me or did the army completely hose up the new dress blues they are going to start issuing. The pictures I have seen they look like garbage.

    How about a belt on the jackets so they don’t hang like hefty bag, and if the pockets on the pants dont lay flat against your hips the pants are not the right size.

    (Don’t get me started on Navy uniforms)

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