“Rifle” is the brevity code-word used when a US warplane fires a Maverick missile. That announcement lets other planes and troops on the ground know there’s a missile zipping around.

The vid below shows just how close some close air support can be. This shot is what would be called “danger close” meaning fragments could very well reach our guys. Still, there’s nothing like having big freakin’ missiles drop on the heads of the bad guys pinging away at you to bring a little peace to the neighborhood.

[vodpod id=Video.3050108&w=425&h=350&fv=]

H/T to Primordial Slack

7 thoughts on ““Rifle!””

  1. Great vid! I think I saw it on liveleak the other day. Didn’t this take place in Mosul? I wonder what year it was? great blog btw, stumbled across it recently and really enjoyed a lot of ur posts. take care

  2. Bob Tolland? Or Tom Clancy’s Bob Toland?

    I just swiped the vid from Primordial Slack. I’d never seen it before. But I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was at LiveLeak and break and a few others. That’s why we say they go viral.

    As to when and where, I don’t know, but I’d guess it is a couple years old.

  3. Nice catch. My name is Bob but I did borrow the last name from Tom’s (great) book, which is one of my favorites. However, I see now that I spelled it wrong. I only asked about the location of the vid because there were some folks arguing about it on the LL forum. I agree with ya though about liking to see stuff go boom. I NEVER get tired of that. Thanks for the reply.

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