We’ve talked before about the tyranny of logistics, and how difficult it can be to get supplies where they are needed, when they are needed in remote places like Afghanistan. Just getting supplies to Afghanistan is a challenge. Then, once they are in country, you need to get them to the troops in the field.

Michael Yon has another dispatch from the front showing one way of doing business.

1 thought on “Airmail”

  1. That was a great write by Yon. I understand a lot of the daily grind in an aviation unit. One of the jobs I used to have to do was act as aft-observer on the P-3 Orion for what we called “Pilot Trainers”. These were flights where we’d take 5 or 6 pilots who needed to get their monthly quota of landings and takeoffs, or some other qualification.

    We’d takeoff and then head up north over the uninhabited areas to practice stalls, one-engine out approaches, etc. Then we’d head back and do a couple hours’ worth of touch-and-go’s, some full stop landings, etc, until all the pilots were qualed.

    Adding in a couple hours on each end for pre and post flight of the bird, and it made for long days boring holes in the sky.

    BUT, it was a necessary job, and better than a lot of other things they found to keep us busy with. 🙂

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