6 thoughts on “Hey, Virgil Xenephon, have I got a treat for you.”

  1. Guys must think they’re torpedo bombers. 🙂

    I could never do what they do–fly in straight lines and not shoot back? More power to ’em.

    We were always jealous of their superior radios. Their vert. stabilizer/tail-fin was one giant HF antenna. When on a x-country and RON somewhere and need to talk to their Squadron CP back home, they’d simply walk out to the ramp, hop in the cockpit, crank up the battery and talk directly to the home drome. We, otoh, had to beg to borrow the phone at the local CP–which if a non US base could be problematic–often a real hassle factor.

  2. Good vid. Thanks for posting.

    Still remember being on the flight line, hearing the sounds, smelling the smells. Magical time, hard to think about how long ago it was and that I was allowed to be a part of it.

    F-4 was probably the single plane I loaded the most, though the B-52 took the most time because of all the crap you could put on/in it.

  3. Heh. I had not looked up the numbers, just remembering how much time and work it took to put together all of the ordnance, load it on the 40-footers, take it to the flight line and put it on the planes.

    I was at Anderson AFB when Operation Linebacker II started – interesting times.


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