Not quite what we had in mind…

The Air Force’s 89th Airlift Wing exists to provide airlift support to government officials. The most visible part of this is operating a pair of modified 747s as Air Force One. But they also operate a fleet of other smaller aircraft to support other members of the government, such as cabinet officers, congressional leadership, and such.

Now, I don’t have a huge problem with Nancy Pelosi, ,the Speaker of the House, third in line as head of government, availing herself of a lift now and then. But apparently, she’s not satisfied to just have a C-37 (Gulfstream V) at her beck and call. No, she likes the C-32, which is the Air Force’s version of a 757 appointed as a bizjet. OK, a plane capable of carrying 200 people being used to ferry her back and forth. A bit much, but hey, her job has to have some perks, right?

Where I get greatly annoyed is when she uses her position to commandeer these jets to move her kids around, without even having her on board.

I sure wish I could get a private jet to cart me around the country and only have to pay coach fare.

2 thoughts on “Not quite what we had in mind…”

  1. I am retired after 20 years in the Air Force. Even my dependents(read that immediate family) cannot fly on an A.F. aircraft unless I am there too. Her family has done nothing to warrant this breach of the rules. They either pay for a ticket on a commercial airline, wait for momma, or walk.

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