Check out USS Enterprise (CVN-79): Petition Update

I’ve long had an affinity to the USS Enterprise. The very day I was born, my Dad was on board her, conducting Carrier Qualifications, prior to deploying.

I’ve also been somewhat opposed to naming ships after politicians. So let’s pressure Congress and SecNav to name the next carrier Enterprise, and not Barry Goldwater.  Follow the link.

I want you to take a look at: USS Enterprise (CVN-79): Petition Update

7 thoughts on “Check out USS Enterprise (CVN-79): Petition Update”

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  2. Done!
    Glad to do it! It is almost a given among those of us who have served in Aircraft Carriers in our careers.
    Three I served in as both Ship’s Company and Air Wing are now in Bremerton awaiting the torch, Independence, Ranger and Kitty Hawk.

  3. Signed.

    As the son of a career Sailor, and being a Navy and WWII history enthusiast, I say the last thing we need is the single most commanding projection of America’s power and compassion named after another self-serving politician who’s not fit to polish the boots of the lowest Pollywog who ever served on either CV-6 or CVN-65.

    The Reagan I’m willing to let stand, but any other “politically” named ship should be re-named. One of the most sacred touch stones our Military has is it’s traditions. Important ships should have important names.

    I’m not saying NO ships should be named after politicians, but let the name fit the ship, for example, the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter should not be a Seawolf Class nuke sub, but instead, a garbage scow.

    Is it possible to float a porta-potty?? I’m sure Jugears is gonna want his own boat….

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