Life in A-stan

Heh. Indeed.

3. Your most successful pick-​​up line is “I’ve got a vehicle.”
4. In PT gear all the Air Force people look like glow-​​in-​​the-​​dark Power Rangers and you can’t even see the Army Folks.
5. Your 06:00 wake-​​up call is: BOOM “ROCKET ATTACK – ROCKET ATTACK. Take cover immediately.”
6. They actually give weapons to the Air Force personnel.
7. You give directions using T-​​Wall & bunker murals as points of reference.
8. You realize AAFES is their own country and can print their own money. (POGS)

1 thought on “Life in A-stan”

  1. Wait, wait, wait. They give weapons to Air Force personnel?

    I thought they got the rounded scissors! You know the ones, sharp enough for construction paper but nothing else.

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