Load Heat

We’ve had our eye on this week’s hottie for a long time. Since about 1997, to be exact.  Julie Benz spun a bit part as the first vampire to appear on Buffy the Vampire Slayer into a recurring role on that series, and its spinoff, Angel. That role got Julie noticed in other circles. She’s done the usual guest starring roles on CSI and NCIS. And for 48 episodes, she’s played Rita, the girlfriend of Dexter (don’t tell me how she left the show, I haven’t seen it yet).

13 thoughts on “Load Heat”

  1. My eyes! My eyes!!!!! The only thing that can save them is if you find a picture of Ms. Benz as schoolgirl-Darla. My eyes!

  2. You are right, Annie.

    She would look a bit healthier and better with ten extra pounds.

    However, I would let her in if she knocked.

  3. The girl’s only in her 30’s for heaven’s sake! She’ll look great into her 50s or 60s as she naturally puts on pounds.

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