Fatboy slim

I think I’ve mentioned before that I hated recruiting.  I met a lot of great people, but so much of the job was a pain.  Finding people that wanted to join the Army wasn’t much of a challenge. Finding qualified people that wanted to join was a huge challenge.

I talked to a lot of people every day (which was a challenge in and of itself- I’m not the most outgoing person) and even a lot of people that were seemingly a good fit for service were, for one reason or another, ineligible.

There’s only a limited pool of potential recruits, and it isn’t as big as you may think. First, the target market, people from 18 up until their mid-20s isn’t the largest demographic in the country. Then, add in minor things like having a high school diploma, being physically and medically qualified, having a clean (enough) criminal record and passing the ASVAB test. Pretty soon, you’ve whittled down the pool even further. How much.

According to Wired Magazine, as much as 75% of the demographic is unqualified. Ouch. Fatboys seem to be the biggest component of that.

3 thoughts on “Fatboy slim”

  1. Back in ’78 they signed me up 20 pounds overweight, and sweated it all off plus ten more for good luck in eight weeks at Fort Leonard Wood. I refuse to believe the Army can’t do that with enough of these young butterballs; they just don’t want to make the effort.

  2. Kevin, the kids today are even worse off. And they are more likely to be injured in training. There are programs afoot to deal with some fatbodies, but it’s a lot of expense and time.

    Oddly, I went the other direction. They worked hard to plump me up when I came in.

  3. Maybe the likely currency collapse will be a good thing? A few years with lower caloric intake would probably do most of our nation some good.

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