Here’s an interesting article from yahoo/AP:

Col. David B. Haight, commander of U.S. forces in Logar and neighboring Wardak province, half jokes that some frustrated Afghans come to him and say: “‘You can put a man on the moon so can’t we get a road here?’ and I have to tell them, `You know, it’s a lot harder to build a road in Afghanistan than put a man on the moon. That skill is not in abundance here.'”


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  1. Oh well, screw it. It’s the Planet of the Apes, now. We have no intention of actually helping. Osama got away, a long time ago. Lets exit stage left now, before we leave the Taliban with 6 billion worth of brand new equipment, like we did in April 1975, in Nam.(Or, on the other hand, we could just nuke the entire site, but our current CIC is too worried about community organizing, to do something like that).

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