5 thoughts on “Best of: Iraq/Afghan gun camera footage”

  1. The coolest thing for an untrained idiot like me? The delay: the video shakes from the muzzle exhausts and recoils, and then nothing for a whole second.
    I’m no ammo expert but I know .45 ammo goes Mach1 or better. The idea that our guys can have such detailed video, and shoot directly at guys who have to wait for the bullets to arrive is pretty cool.

    Oh, and the discipline. To fire off a burst, and wait patiently for the effects when comrades are waiting for the death knells is pretty dog-gone impressive too. Again for an untrained, the temptation to melt the barrels while waiting for the high-speed direct-fire results must be strong.

  2. Potosi Joel/

    Agree, the fire discipline is impressive. Every damn Congressman/”newsie” who ever made a comment about “cowboy” Marines and soldiers shooting indiscriminately should view such videos and listen to fire clearance procedures on these things..

  3. Just wanted to say thanks to the guys on the front lines who are killing these terrorists. One less bad guy means our way of life is preserved for a little while longer, so thanks to all our men and women over there, putting yourself in harms way. I appreciate it very much, and I really enjoy watching this stuff- showing off your skills and such.

    @virgil- As a woman and someone who knows some history, I can say that I like it when they refer to our Marines as cowboys, because it’s truly a compliment, and not an insult the liberals would like it to be. Our original cowboys were hard and tough, they had to be very skilled and disciplined to do their jobs well, and they couldn’t afford irrational decisions- they had to be efficient, quick and correct. The American cowboy, was for all intents and purposes, a bad ass. It made me irritated when Hillary Clinton referred to Bush as the cowboy president, and cowboy politics, in a bad way- I happen to like very much that we had a cowboy president. I liked his way of doing things, and appreciate the nature of the cowboy. But this is just me- I’m a girl. I don’t go for the metrosexual frilly men, with their man purses and matching scarves. I have respect for the real men, and whenever men are compared to cowboys, it’s really a compliment. 😉 It’s the whole John Wayne thing. Liberals fear cowboys.

    Awesome compilation video. My honey sent it to me- makes me wish I’d have been a sniper when I grew up. 🙂

  4. Hi Guys
    As far as I am, Concerned you are a professional force, do-in a professional job, with impressive self sacrifice and courage. You as a team inspire us all> keep it up lads and come home safe. We are at all times thinking of you in that shit hole. So clean it up and come home when its done……… Our prayers, thoughts, and hearts are with you all. God Bless.

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