Veteran’s Day

For a guy that served in the Army as long as I did, I was a little unusual in that I only went on one deployment that lasted more than a month. These days, people in the Army can routinely spend half their enlistment on overseas deployments. And too be sure, that separation from families, friends and other loved ones is a real burden.

One of my favorite activities when I was a kid growing up in a Navy family was going to the Air Station to watch the squadrons returning from deployment. It was of course pretty cool watching the jets fly in, but it was really cool seeing the aircrews finally getting to hug and kiss their families after 6 months at sea.

And while many of you, my dear readers, will know that I’m the proud servant of Sox the Cat, you may not know that, at heart, I’m a dog person.  I love me some puppies. And it’s a rule of nature that puppies like soldiers.


And if you follow that link to MentalFloss, you’ll see there’s even some kids that like soldiers.




3 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day”

  1. Brad,

    I dunno why but watching those videos of dogs seeing their daddies come home after being overseas makes my screen go all blurry. Any advice you got for that?

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