Is your Smartphone a Weapon?

Here’s a pretty interesting article about using smartphones on the battlefield. We’re working on an epic post about communications, but wanted to tease you with this.
I can think of a number of handy uses that a smartphone might have, but I’m pretty analog in my thinking. I’d like to have all my checklists and reports on hand as a reminder, rather than having plastic reference cards for everything.

What would you like to use a smartphone for on a battlefield?  Have you taken your phone to war?

An aside, we’re away from regular internet access, so apologize for lack of posts and pictures of hawt chicks.

2 thoughts on “Is your Smartphone a Weapon?”

  1. All I can think of is smart-a@@@@ remarks.

    Is a smartphone heavy enough to hurt someone if you throw it him?

    “Where did you park your Bradley before last night’s dismount? There’s an app for that. Can’t decide which weapon to use on the target? There’s an app for that.”

    “Can you hear me now? Good, Fire mission….”

    Your wire bound 3×5 notebook doesn’t chime (Ding! Shoot Here!) when it wants a new battery.

  2. I was thinking more along the lines of a PDA with PCL’s, zero data, maintenance info, data cards on subordinates, “9-lines” and all the other “soldier’s cards” we used to have to carry, that sort of thing, but, again, I’m constrained by a lack of imagination and not having a smart phone.

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