Close Combat Marksmanship Training

There’s certainly still a place for traditional marksmanship training in the infantry. A lot of fighting in Afghanistan takes place at fairly long range, since the Taliban usually don’t want to come to close grips with our troops. But since there’s an awful lot of close combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Army has finally started to update some training to make it more realistic. If I had tried to shoot like this in my day, I would have been tossed off the range and subject to rather severe discipline.

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  1. XBrad/

    What’s your opinion as to how effective/realistic that all is–I’ve no frame of reference to judge, obviously. It’s times like this that I wish my Dad were still alive. Just the other day I was watching some night Apache stuff and thinking how amazed Dad would have been by it all–sort of like Civil War vets watching close air support: “Man, if we’d had that in OUR day…” I was just over at Lexs’ watching that F-22 vid. Man o Man! If only… many triple aces would we have had? (Course we would have has even more if we had had ’em in WWI 🙂 )

  2. VX, it’s very effective. It’s a far more realistic scenario than having GI’s just snap off 40 rounds from foxhole, which is what basic rifle qualification pretty much is.

    In my day, when we did a live fire exercise, just moving up to the window, we would have had to place the weapon on safe, close the dust cover and carry the piece up and down range, with our shooting hand on the buttstock, not the pistol grip.

    It was purely a safety driven issue, and everyone knew it was unrealistic. But no one was willing to challenge the policy.

    Shooting from barricades, like the window, and the incline ramp is very realistic. Lots of what you saw in the video was taken directly from competitive and police type shooting. They’ve been doing this type stuff for decades. It’s a damn shame it took a shooting war to interest the Army in shooting.

  3. Any one go through or remember a quick kill course in the late 60’s using BB guns and 2″ metal disk’s the buddy stands to the side tossing the disks in the air without aiming the shooter followed without aiming attempting to hit the disk? At the time I thought it was silly, after a while I appreciated it!

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