Sorry about skipping a week. I know you were unhappy. My stats cratered. Lemme make it up to you.

We first saw this week’s entry on Party of Five, which we only watched because we were temporarily exiled to Ft. Benning for a school, and didn’t have access to wheels to go hit the town. I’ve had a crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt for 15 years now. In fact, I’d forgotten that her appearance on PoF had a spin-off series, Time of Your Life, which lasted a season. And then there was the I Know What You Did... series of movies. And the rather terrible Heartbreakers and some other crappy movies.

When Ghost Whisperer first started, we thought it was a regular vanity project which would crash and burn. Gladly, we were mistaken. It’s doing well on CBS. And Jennifer still looks great!

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3 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

  1. Dammit man, you cannot steal my Jennifer. That’s simply unacceptable! I’ve had a crush on her longer than you I am sure.

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