What’s life like in the infantry?

Well, they’ve managed to edit out most of the long days of humping rucksacks up steep hills, freezing your butt off, and time spent doing boring but necessary work, either simple day to day logistics, like filling sandbags and moving supplies, or the drudgery of pre-combat checks.

There’s plenty of NSFW language, but then there almost always is around soldiers in the field.

H/T: Theo

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2 thoughts on “What’s life like in the infantry?”

  1. I miss a lot of it, Dick.

    But I’m old and fat and broken down. The indignities I used to shrug off with a smile would now cause me great pain and anguish.

    But what I really miss is the camaraderie and sense of brotherhood and fraternity.

    And blowing stuff up.

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