What can we say? We’ve long been a fan of Sandra Bullock. She’s a gifted comedic actress, and has done well in quite a few dramatic roles.

She’s always had a “cute” reputation, more than “sexy.” With that in mind, it was a little surprising to find so many hot shots of Sandra when I went digging for this weeks hottie.

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What was really surprising was how few pics there are of Sandra from the movie Demolition Man. I was a little crushed.  It was pretty much the first thing I saw her in, and I loved her in it.


6 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

    1. Perhaps you can recommend throw pillows for my couch,

      I’ll send you a swatch.

  1. For some reason, I’ve gotten the sense from interviews that Sandra thinks of her career as having started with Speed rather than Demolition Man, probably for the same reason that Teri Hatcher likely disavows her involvement in the obscure and sadly-underrated Brain Smasher: A Love Story.

  2. Yeah, I’m not surprised she likes to gloss over Demolition Man.

    She was a distant third behind Stallone and Snipes, but at least she got more screen time than Benjamin Bratt.

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