Still hot after all this time…

Your humble scribe is still in the desert, and still has limited connectivity. My apologies. I’m thankful that several of you have asked after me. I’m fine, but I’m melting in the heat. The highs for the last 2 weeks have been over 110. And will continue at least that hot for the rest of the week. Today is fairly cool at 113. Yesterday hit 117. I’m just not built for that.

It will be at least another week before we get a chance to post anything of interest, and we may actually miss posting our regular installment of Load HEAT. But fear not, sooner or later, we’ll get some stuff of interest posted.

Thanks for your patience.

4 thoughts on “Still hot after all this time…”

  1. Never having been exposed to temperatures over 109 F, I have to ask: doesn’t the desire to Load HEAT dissipate rapidly over say 108.5? I mean, there is risk and danger and spice and hotness, but really, 110?
    As you say, I am just not built for that.
    Where is my fancy umbrella drink?

  2. Geez, sounds like you got the worst of both worlds, guy. That combo is NOT a joke!

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