Your Air Force at War… And Play

We spent a fair portion of our military service making fun of the Air Force. I’m pretty sure it’s in the regulations somewhere that troops are required to…

But the Air Force isn’t all just hanging around the pool and collecting per diem. There’s a fair number of folks in the Air Force who are fillingĀ  jobs in Afghanistan or Iraq that might rightly be considered Army jobs. That’s one of the problems that having such a small army causes. And many folks in the Air Force aren’t happy about it. If they wanted to play soldier, they would have joined the Army. There’s a lot of folks in the Navy in the same boat (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Not surprisingly, some of these folks blog. Mike at “A Year in the Sandbox” is an Air Force Staff Sergeant blogging about his tour with a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

Ground units, including PRTs of course have a basic load of ammunition for their weapons. But over time, ammo collects dirt, dust, grease, you name it. When possible, troop units rotate their ammo, receiving a fresh load, and using the old load for some live fire training. Here’s an example from Mike of what that can look like.


Mike’s got several more along the same lines, so go here and check them out.