Shooting at a Recruiting Station

KATV, in Little Rock, brings us news of a horrific crime. Two soldiers, back from overseas deployments to either Iraq or Afghanistan *, were gunned down outside the Army Navy Career Center in West Little Rock, AR. The suspected shooter is in custody. One victim is dead, one is in serious condition.

Per the article, neither victim was a recruiter, but rather part of the HRAP, or Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program. HRAP takes a young soldier, and sends him to his hometown. He works with the local recruiters to tell his or her experiences to potential recruits, typically the soldiers friends and classmates. After all, who you gonna listen to, the recruiter, or your buddy who thinks the Army is the neatest thing since sliced bread?

During my time as a recruiter, I worked in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America (at that time, anyway). I never had any problems, but some of my co-workers did. More than one had a gun pulled on them. The only guy in my office who’d ever been shot, got shot at home.

I also worked with several HRAP’ers over the years. Some were great. Some were just looking to spend a little time at home. But I can tell you this, none of them expected to be gunned down in their hometown.

Given the immediate supposition on the political left that the murderer of Dr. Tiller, abortion doctor, is representative of everyone on the right, will they also make the supposition that the murderer of these young soldiers is an antiwar activist, and representative of their cause?

I’m told Arkansas has the death penalty. Here’s hoping they use it.

*Yahoo is reporting neither soldier had yet been deployed, which is more in line with the HRAP as I recall it. Most of the time, soldiers are sent to HRAP immediately after Initial Entry Training, while they still have close ties to the community.

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The Little Rock Police confirm that the shooter was  a Muslim convert. Islam is a disease.

2 thoughts on “Shooting at a Recruiting Station”

  1. Not Islam Brad, but the infections strain of garbage that breeds in the mosques of the radical left. After the “God Damm” America rhetoric of a certain reverend and the hate coming from parts of the muslim (and left wing) community , this is not a surprise.

    Sadly, the media will make this buffoon out to be a victim. Lefties around the intertubes will rejoice at this murder.

    The victims are the young soldiers and their families.

    I had many Muslim profs back in my college days. They were some of the nicest men I ever studied under. Many foreign muslim students were the coolest kids I ever met.

    This slime was no muslim but a wannabe terrorist.

    The death is too good for him.

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