Well, here’s a name that’s been in the news lately. We are actually fairly abivalent about the topic of gay marriage. We voted against it via Prop 8 last year, not so much because we oppose gay marriage, but because we think the courts and the state assembly should pay attention to the clear message of the majority of citizens of the state. It’s a damn shame when a beauty pageant contestant, voicing the same opinion of the subject as the President of the United States, is subjected to a level of vitriol and damnation that the left can’t seem to find for criminals and terrorists.

Anyway, on to the pictures…

5 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

  1. You misfired on this one brad. Girls like her a a dime a dozen on the pageant circuit. She’s an airhead who fell into the hate machine that is the CA left.

    She’ll be doing infomercials in six months, a year tops. And then another Miss Something or other will open mouth and insert foot.

  2. I’m well aware that she’s not any prettier than most of the other girls on the circuit.

    The important thing here is I like her and felt like putting up pics of her.

    And I’d have a hell of a time finding decent pics of almost any other beauty contestant, mostly because I haven’t a clue what their names are.

  3. I don’t care for her story face or the boob job. But her face and boobs are gorgeous.

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