Sunday random

Yesterday was Armed Forces Appreciation Day. I cleaned house. AFAD is one of the lesser known days on the calendar. Maybe because nobody gets the day off for it.

The only  time I really enjoyed it was in high school. I was in the Delayed Entry Program, waiting to ship out to Basic after graduation. My recruiter invited me to go to Ft. Lewis to their open house. It was pretty neat to see all the cool Army stuff and helped to motivate me and keep me pumped up. But I noticed the undercurrent. None of the troops there were all that fired up about having to work on a Saturday.

Have you seen this?


Heh. Poor guy. He at least had the chance to tell his folks he was gonna be in the papers. But he didn’t tell them he was going to be on the front page of the NYT in his undies. At least they weren’t Rosetta’s WonderWoman Underroos.


Our good friend John at Castle Argghhh is putting up a brief note each day on recipients of the Medal of Honor. Note- recipient- not winner.  Go. Visit.

The house will be painted inside next week, so I’m cleaning out 6 years of accumulated junk, preparatory to moving the furniture away from the walls. It’s amazing how much crap I have, especially since I consider myself something of an ascetic. The local Friends of the Library was quite pleased to receive 6 boxes of books.

Olivia Wilde made the #1 slot on Maxim’s Hot 100 list (somehow beating Michelle Obama). Not surprisingly, our Load HEAT featuring her got some hits.  We’d been averaging about 200 hits a day for her. We got about 15,000 Thursday and Friday just for her. Not bad.