We’re a fan of the classics- those literary works that elevate and illuminate the human condition. Like “Married with Children.”

Seriously, who among us didn’t have a massive crush on Kelly Bundy? Christina Applegate probably caused more boys to hyperventilate than just about any other TV star of the late 80s. And she’s been pretty successful since then, with her ABC comedy “Samantha¬† Who?”

She’s also a cancer survivor. We tend to have a great deal of admiration for cancer survivors, and it sure doesn’t hurt that they can deal with that disease and still be drop dead gorgeous.

A little video perhaps? OK, but just to keep it surreal, it’s dubbed in German…


4 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

  1. I like her
    Good choice.

    O.T. Question I asked at H2 and they ignored me, Go figure
    I just finished 6 Sci-Fi books. I am forcing myself to read 2 of the following
    The Forgotten Man, Amity Shlae
    Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin
    Joker One, Donovan Campbell
    The 5000 year leap, W. Skousen

    Any thoughts?

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