5 thoughts on “HEAT Rounds and Sabots redux”

  1. Has the HESH round gone pretty much by the way-side due to reactive armor? What’s the deal, XBrad? And since the Abrams doesn’t have it, would the HESH be best to use against it?

    BTW, go over to the Flt Deck and read the post about the “MULE” proposal of the Army’s. Tell us what you think either in comments there or here, ok guy?

  2. Virg,

    HESH really only worked well on “rolled homogenous” armor or face hardened armor. It really couldn’t do much that an Sabot or HEAT round couldn’t handle, so there was no real point to it anymore. It’s only been in the last few years the Army even developed an anti-personnel “shotgun” round for the 120mm, mostly due to Iraq.

    The last HESH round I can think of was the 165mm demolition round on the M728 CEV. Those dissappeared a few years ago, another victim of the peace dividend.

    I saw the MULE thing, but for the life of me, I don’t see a big benefit to buying a half-million dollar r/c truck. Is there a place for robotics on the battlefield? Sure, but that ain’t it.

  3. When you talk of the “shot-gun” round for the 120mm is that sort of same same the Viet era “behive” mini ball-bearing AP round Army used in Vietnam?

  4. I think they also had it in a round for 1O5s also–great for direct fire when they were coming over the wire at the FOBs.

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