Is the Russian-Georgian conflict heating up again?

Sure looks that way. Go over to Information Dissemination and read this post. Here’s a taste:

The low capacity narrow roads leading from Russia into Georgia (one into Abkhazia and another leading into South Ossetia) create immense logistical problems in rapidly deploying large military contingents into Georgia if Moscow opts for a “humanitarian intervention” to bring about “regime change.” The insertion of a sizable marine force with heavy weapons was used last August to bypass the clogged up overland routes and this could prove important again. The Russian military knew beforehand the exact timing of its pre-arranged invasion and fully controlled the pre-war armed provocations by the South Ossetian forces, whereas in the present crisis the situation is much more volatile.

2 thoughts on “Is the Russian-Georgian conflict heating up again?”

  1. My only response is that I’m surprised its taken them that long. Russia does not historically leave places after they’re done playing with them.

  2. Bill, the complete article speculates that part of it is the difficulty of logistics through the mountains during the winter. Plus, I think the Russians are fairly patient, fostering political discontent. They’ve got time, time Georgia may not have…

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