Stolen Valor, Chutzpah Edition

Hey, if you are gonna impersonate a soldier, why be just a Corporal in the Rangers? Why not be a Major General in the Special Forces?

Seems he forgot to pin on his flaming douche.
Seems he forgot to pin on his flaming douche.

Go over to This Ain’t Hell and read the evidence for yourselves. For you Army guys in the crowd, let’s play “What’s wrong with the uniform…”

Do I have to tell you how much I hate people that lie about or inflate their service?

11 thoughts on “Stolen Valor, Chutzpah Edition”

  1. What’s wrong with the uniform?
    A Park Ranger who stole his son’s
    Cub Scout merit badges? Couldn’t quite make out the Pack# tho–

  2. It’s like an epidemic over there. What’s wrong with these people? Kinda sad you guys have to play spot the fake.

  3. Well, Aaron, don’t forget, the military is STILL, by a large margin, the most trusted institution in the US. And has been for years. What better way to receive approval?

  4. XBrad/

    While on the subject of uniforms, to show you what a REAL Dino I am, I STILL think the WWII “Pinks and Greens” were the best looking going and much preferable to the “Mean Green” present-day Park Ranger (can’t resist) look. Really wish they’d bring ’em back. Sans Sam Browne Belt, tho….


    The Fighting Fossil

  5. PS: Just gad the thought. As long as the guy was making all up anyway, why stop at 2 Stars? What a piker. (I’d have settled for no less than three at the minimum.) But maybe he thought 4 would have been too much publicity and 2 would skate under the radar. As for me, might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, next time you see a picture of me it’ll be with 4 all the way!

  6. Silly question to ask here, but it’s something I never knew the answer before. My understanding is that the right patch is the unit that the soldier has previously served with in combat while the left is the current unit of the soldier. If the soldier has been in combat with more than one unit, does he get to choose?

  7. Bill, AR670-1 says that soldiers that have combat tours with more than one unit can indeed choose which patch to wear. I’m too lazy to look it up, but there was minor kerfuffle a while back where some soldiers were told to wear their current units patch as soon as they were eligible. They were upset as they wanted to wear the patch they had already earned as a tribute to the comrades they lost. The chain of command first dug in their heels, then realized the troops were within their rights and backed down.

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