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Soldiers will never be completely happy with MREs, the Army’s combat ration. Having said that, they are now far and away better than the earlier generations of MREs (some old timer is gonna show up and tell me how hard it was in the days of C-Rats).

Most of the time, I was too busy to do anything with an MRE other than heat it up. But given enough time, troops will put their culinary skills to work to improve the meal.  They may not quite make it to this level, however…


So, what’s your favorite MRE/C-Rat?

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  1. Anything with a brownie or M&M’s.

    But our cooks with their MKT’s are the best!

  2. C-Rats blew chunks (literally), my favorite MRE was the original Meatballs in BBQ sauce. Mix that with some Ramen noodles and you had some pretty decent spaghetti and meatballs.

  3. MREs taste like fine cuisine compared to C-rats and C-rats taste like Omaha prime rib compared to K-rations. When I was in the Army in 1962, we were still eating WW2 K-rats and they tasted like chittlins.

    The only thing I liked about K-rats was the Lucky Strikes in the green package.


  4. ^ Heh. Told ya the old timers would tell us how hard it was back in the day.

    They’re right, though. Today’s MREs aren’t that bad at all. They just get a little repetitive…

  5. Spaghetti with meat sauce is my fave MRE. I usually avoid the MRE at all costs.

    But the MRE heater and a water bottle is great for making an improvised explosive simulator.

  6. It was C-Rats in my day–although as a member of the “country-club set” such “meals” were few and far between. Although I can/will eat anything and really didn’t mind them at all. Of course as a steady diet…..

    Didn’t troops call the original early MREs “Meals Rejected by Ethiopians?” (who, at the time MREs were first introduced had a big famine going, IIRC) Har. Trust the G.I. to cynically re-name everything.

  7. The first generation of MREs really were terrible. Worse than C-Rats, if you ask me. And they took about 8-9 years to move past them. Now, there’s menu additions/changes every year. They are much, much better.

  8. The K Rations had Lucky Strikes, Camel’s, and Pall Mall’s they would damn near take your lungs out. But they came with can openers, and if you are really Really hungry, they were ok.

  9. Weelll, the green eggs and ham C-Rats were real good. The only ones good cold IMHO, it was real bad warmed up tho.

  10. Buffalo wings are pretty good. Whenever I can, I put “outside” sauce of some kind, like canned gravy, cheese sauce — anything!

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