Um. Yeah.

Sorry for the light posting. Just a lack of motivation on my part. Here’s an Australian documentary on the boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB. Pretty interesting.





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  1. And if you’re coming to the NRA convention here next month, that’s only a couple of hours away.

    But it’s closed off to the general public. Apparently, the DoD doesn’t want civilians sneaking in there and carting off the fuselage of a recently-retired AV-8A Harrier back to their home as a memento of the trip.

    Found that one out the hard way…

  2. There’s a weekly guided tour, IIRC, run through the Pima Air Museum.

    I’m not gonna make the NRA convention, but sooner or later, I’m gonna hit AMARC and then Wright-Pat.

    And who the heck would want an AV-8A? Especially when there’s A-6s in there?

  3. ’cause my back yard’s too small to land an A-6, even with arresting gear, that’s why! 🙂

    Right next door to the boneyard is Pima Air Musuem, the best plane museum I’ve been to outside of Wright-Pat. And further down the road is the Titan Missile Museum, with a deactivated Titan II still in it’s silo.

  4. Nice show. But I saw one A-6 Intruder in the entire thing and only one A-7 at a distance. I did Fleet tours in these old birds. The Squadrons were VA145 onboard USS Ranger, VA128, the Fleet Replacement Squadron at NAS Whidbey Island(twice). And the A-7 outfit was VA147 Argonauts deploying aboard USS Kitty Hawk.
    I even caught a glimpse of a T-2 Buckeye. My first shore tour was in VT26 at Chase Field, Texas. We had 70 of them and flew an average of 150 hops a day. It was one tough little jet with the students being somewhat hard on them. Odds are there are airplanes at DM that I turned wrenches on. It is sad but it is the way things go with the new technologies coming on line.
    BTW, I heard a rumour this past winter that the rewinged A-6s may come back as tankers. These are the ones that Boeing Military in Wichita installed composite wings on. If anyone else has heard this, let me know.

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