Late Friday Catblogging

Sox is normally somewhat aloof. So I was a little surprised today when he came tearing across the house, ran into the room and hopped on my lap.


He does that from time to time, but what really surprised me was when he settled down for a nap.

100_0956His Majesty wasn’t too happy when I had to kick him off and get on with the day.

7 thoughts on “Late Friday Catblogging”

  1. Those sandals are like a slightly padded version of the Viet Cong rubber tire sandals. I’ve hiked in them, used them as house slippers and gone swimming in the ocean with them.

  2. Vmax, that wasn’t a joke. That’s about the best $35 I’ve ever spent. They’re 5 years old and as comfortable as ever.

  3. X
    I bought a pair of Dr Martins 5 freaking years ago. They still look great. I have never had a pair of shoes that lasted that long.

    If you are in to sunglasses I will never buy anything but Costa Del Mar. I bought a pair 5 years ago. I have not scratched the lenses, broken them or lost them in 5 years. That is a record for me. Specially the scratches. I have not been kind to them and yet they are PERFECT!

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