8 thoughts on “Goth Girls?”

  1. Goths are a funny mix of people–ranging from really scary Satanists who have been known to do some blood curdling things
    (to include murder/ sacrifice)–to relatively harmless types, some of whom are really sweetly innocent. I had occasion to get to know a young Goth couple during the mid 90s (I know, I was in my 50s then,don’t ask) who were really a refreshingly, surprisingly, level-headed, clean-living, decent couple (even if living a life-style most would not wish to emulate) The guy always wore the obligatory spiked subservient dog-collar with his black leather jacket; she with all the proper tattoos, etc.,…

    They used to come in to quietly shoot pool at a neighborhood bar I used to frequent in New Orleans.

    (My single “up-close and personal” insight into the world of Goth, FWIW.)

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