Starting this Friday, the 13th of course, we get a chance to see Eliza Dushku return to network television.

She’s probably most famous for her turn as Faith on Buffy and Angel, but she’s also had a couple other series, including Tru Calling and Nurses. She’s kept busy also with regular guest spots on a ton of shows.

Fox’s Friday night lineup, with Summer Glau and now with Eliza might just get me to stay home…

14 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

    1. What, you were going to take your blow-up doll out on a date in public?

      I was going to, but she wouldn’t be seen in public with me…

  1. She can never compare to Emma Watson…(who is now legal)

    I would hope that someone thinks that Brad’s blowup doll is inferior to a live person…

  2. so are you saying you prefer your blow-up doll to Emma Watson? I just want to make sure I’m understanding the xbradtc hierarchy.

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