Fat Camp

As a society, America is getting fatter (your humble host as well!). That poses a real challenge for the services, as the standards of service haven’t changed. There’s only so many people to recruit from in America, and having a significant portion render themselves outside the pool of qualified applicants makes maintaining and growing the Army that much tougher.

This isn’t a problem that has suddenly appeared, either. We certainly faced it ten years ago when I was recruiting. Very often I would have potential recruits who were motivated to join, but just couldn’t pass the height/weight portion of the physical. We would work with them as best we could to slim them down, but our resources were limited, and the applicants often had limited time to devote to improving their physical shape.

In light of this, the Army is considering a “Fat Camp” for those recruits who are otherwise fully qualified to serve, but need to improve their weight and their physical conditioning. Many on active duty will bemoan this as further softening of the standards, but if the new recruits can get in, slim down, and meet the physical standards, I think it will be worth it.

2 thoughts on “Fat Camp”

  1. I was a fatbody when I first went to the recruiter. They gave me the grapefruit diet plan (which I positively loathed), but I lost the 30 lbs I needed to in order to pass the height/weight and went on to serve my 5 years quite successfully. Mind you, at my slimmest (straight out of BT) I was still 5 lbs over the weight limit for my height and with nary an ounce to cut from anywhere else. I’ve got one of those ‘big frames’. But I did always pass tape in spite of never passing ‘weight’.

  2. Grapefruit, haven’t heard that in a while, but yeah, I put a couple kids on it.

    5 years=MP.

    And you can’t spell “whimp” without MP.

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