9 thoughts on “For my friends at The Hostages…”

  1. PS: My ability to scarf any kind of food was legendary (must have gotten it from my Inf. Father) Guys in my Sqadron at DaNang said if I was everf shot down and captured I’d be the only POW in history to GAIN weight…others said, no, they send me back after 6-mos bound and gaged with a note pinned to me which said: “Take him back and keep him, PLEASE, we’re running out of swill!!”

  2. F-4C at DaNang as back-seater, , later the D model as front-seat AC in NATO at RAF Woodbridge; later the E model w. gun back in Thailand on 2nd tour.

  3. I hate to say it as a Intruder child, but the Phantom is my all time favorite. Nothing says raw power like a Phantom.

    And after many years of tinkering with it, the AF turned some of their birds into first class strike fighters. An E model withTISEO and pave Spike/Pave Tack was a pretty fearsome machine.

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